Cambridge Memorial Hospital



Faced with a huge and exciting major capital expansion project, and the goal to raise $50 million for a complete new wing or "transformation”, Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation staff were exploring ways to kick off their campaign.

The Foundation needed to tell the community that despite disappointing delays over the past several years, this time the project was really on track. The  community's full support would be needed to make it happen.

Video Objectives

To raise awareness of and generate revenue for the $50 million hospital expansion and renovation campaign.


Thanks to the dedicated staff, volunteers, and supportive  patients of Cambridge Memorial Hospital, The Event Film was able to tell the campaign story straight from the heart.

As the camera rolled, people in the community, patients, volunteers, and staff told of their experiences and why the hospital is so important to them.

The Transformation CMH video debuted before an audience of 200 who had purchased tickets to an elegant event at Langdon Hall, where they enjoyed a gourmet picnic and a private concert by Great Big Sea. The video was played on four screens placed in each corner of the dining tent for guests to watch before dinner. The emotion the video evoked brought home the reality - that we all need our community hospital at different times all through our lives.

This debut and subsequent screenings with potential donors and stakeholders resulted in  a great start to the campaign with an increase in donations and awareness levels. The video is now on the CMHF website for all to see.