St. John Ambulance


Increase awareness of the work carried out by St. John Ambulance volunteers and staff for the Kitchener-Waterloo community

Increase awareness that St. John Ambulance has been providing humanitarian services for 75 years in Kitchener-Waterloo


Limited resources, both staff and funds, for this not-for-profit organization

  • People know about St. John Ambulance but they don’t know about all the services provided by St. John Ambulance for the K-W community  
  • A centralized website limits the possibility of having a local Kitchener-Waterloo community online presence 
  • How can we create a campaign that can grow and evolve over time for longer-lasting effect and reach?


A Social Media and Video Campaign  A multi-channel Social Media strategy and a video series were selected as the main vehicles to increase awareness of how St. John Ambulance provides so many programs and services for the health, safety and quality of life for residents of Kitchener-Waterloo


Content can be developed and updated continuously to give current information about  specific courses, programs, events, news, and announcements

The Social Media channels of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube can be targeted to the many diverse audiences of St. John Ambulance

Lessons Learned

Videos offer value

Creative scheduling, flexible and helpful St. John Ambulance staff and volunteers, and the motivation and skills of filmmaker Mark Drewe, resulted in quality videos within the budget.

What are the benefits of using videos to tell the St. John Ambulance story?

Show what St John Ambulance does in a few seconds or minutes 

Improve opportunities to share and connect with other branches worldwide 

Team effort to produce videos strengthens volunteer and staff relationships 

Measurable results

What were the advantages of featuring St. John Ambulance staff and volunteers in the videos? 

This allowed the dedication of SJA volunteers and staff to shine through 

The videos are real and authentic 

The Kitchener-Waterloo community can put faces to the St. John Ambulance name.